We are all different and unique, we are all special


There is no one like you, we are all unique. That is why your bed should be unique too. Our body’s demands for mattress are individual. You would not use your spouse’s shoes, would you? So why should you sleep on the same kind of mattress as your spouse if your bodies are totally different? We value the individuality of every person whether you’re small, tall, big, slim, a baby, an adult or a senior.


Each bed is made of individually pocketed high quality active springs. The handmade springs are placed on the mattress according to your body weight and shape. This way every single part of your body gets the support that it needs.


What you sleep on makes a huge difference to your sleeping comfort. It is important that your mattress fits your body perfectly. When you have a relaxed position on your bed you don’t need to change your sleeping position frequently. You sleep better and your sleep is deeper.


Our product selection includes everything you need in the bedroom; beds, mattresses, ergonomic pillows, functional duvet and bedlinen.

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