Alleviate your neck and shoulder pain by replacing your pillow with Ergonomic Pillow


As a general rule, a pillow should be slightly higher under the neck than under the head. Properly designed pillows improve the sleeping position substantially. An ergonomic pillow prevents muscular tension by supporting your neck giving you a relaxed, natural sleeping position. Using an ordinary pillow that is too soft can strain your neck muscles and even decrease the blood flow to your head. If your head tilts downward on a pillow that doesn’t provide adequate support for your head, then your airflow through the respiratory system will be significantly reduced. Because of this, you will most likely wake up the next morning feeling light-headed or even with a headache.


The height of a pillow should be adjustable either by means of a supplementary filling or a wedge. An ergonomic pillow is designed to support your neck and shoulders when you are sleeping either on your side or on your back. The higher part of an ergonomic pillow has been designed to support the space between the neck and the shoulders and to relax the muscles in these regions.


Basic but high quality pillows are also available.



Our duvets are made of breathable and allergy tested materials. The selection of Unikulma duvets includes everything from the traditional feather to technical materials. Higher quality bedding materials are more breathable, long lasting and more pleasant on your body.


There may be various reasons for night sweats like over active metabolism, overweight, menopause or incorrect bedding material. Waking up drenched with sweat or finding your bedding soaked with sweat can be frustrating and can keep you from falling asleep again. That is why we at Unikulma are happy to inform you that our mattress protector are infused with materials to regulate your body temperature keeping you warm when it is cold, and cool when it is hot.

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