A Well rested customer is a satisfied customer


The bed is the most important and often the only furniture in a hotel room. Unikulma deluxe beds bring elegancy into your hotel room while easy to maintain.


In upholstery, Unikulma uses materials that are high quality, durable, easy to maintain and meet fire regulations while extremely aesthetic to the eye. Our bedding endures repeated machine wash at 60°C.


Quality & comfort

In the hotel industry, good sleep is one of the best assets. Because customers spend most of their time in bed; it is, therefore, of great importance that the most significant furniture in the room is comfortable, luxurious and durable.  A quality bed should be attractive, inviting and made of durable, high quality and fire resistant materials. At Unikulma we understand that it is essential to maintain these qualities time after times. As such, the materials we use are carefully selected, and we have a continuous quality control in order to offer only the best quality to our customers. Our services bring your hotel’s sleeping comfort to the top level.


You tell us what you require and we give you the best sleeping solutions for you and your customers.


Safety is one of the most important aspects of your hotel

There can be hundreds of people in a hotel at any given time. Because of this fact, it is essential that the furniture is fireproof and safe. Hotel guests value the aspect of safety in their chosen hotels. Due to this fact, we at Unikulma provide hotel beddings that are made of non-flammable materials and meet fire regulations.



The key to successful sleep lies in a quality bed

In Finland, five out of the top six five star hotels use UnikHotel-beds designed and made specifically to offer class, luxury and prestige to their clients. Customers who sleep on UnikHotel-beds refer their friends and colleagues to the same hotel leading to continuous business. Our UnikHotel-bed collection has been developed to fit the needs and requirements of the contemporary accommodation industry.


Creating an environment that is stylish yet relaxing where guests can feel comfortable yet spoilt, will go a long way to building loyalty.


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