The most important factor in good sleep is selecting the best possible mattress. To help you select a mattress, Unikulma offers you a free UnikLab® assessment and a 45 minutes consultation with one of our sleep expert or physiotherapist.


The best way to find the requirements of your body is to carry out weight and pressure measurements by computer testing. For testing, we use UnikLab®-measuring system that consists of sensitive sensor carpet and software program.


UnikLab® carefully measures the pressure that your body creates on the mattress and makes contour and pressure charts of your body. The high tech device is sensitive enough to detect even the smallest muscular imbalances or tensions. The contour and pressure charts are used by our experts to customise spring system for each individual mattress. In addition to the computer testing, we carry out sleep assessment to give us a comprehensive understanding of your needs.


Our mattresses are divided into different categories according to the structure and design. Each mattress is made of individually pocketed high quality active springs. The handmade springs are placed on the mattress according to your body weight and shape. By using individually pocketed springs, every part of your body gets the support it needs. Because everybody is different, individually tailored mattresses are therefore, essential.


What you sleep on makes a huge difference to your sleeping comfort. It is important that your mattress fits your unique body perfectly. When you have a good and relaxed position on your mattress, you don’t need to change your sleeping position constantly, because your sleep will be better and deeper.


An individually customised mattress can help you get approximately 35% more deep NREM sleep. After a good night’s sleep you will feel refreshed.





Your bed is a sanctuary of a good sleep – select it with care!


In Unikulma's beds, you sleep and feel well for clear reasons. We manufacture beds according to clients’ requirements and preferences. For a big, small and all the persons between, you will find the best solution in our range. Do not leave it to a chance - our experts will help you select the best bed for you, just as personal as you like.


We carry out a UnikLab® measurement and sleep assessment for all our clients. Based on these, we design with you a bed that meets your requirements, needs and your preferences. You can choose among other things, the size and shape of the mattress; high-tech adjustable beds with led lights, massage function and upholstering to suit your decor. Come and discover your best bed.


We also have children and baby products.



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