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Значение твоего сна.

Более трети своей жизни мы проводим в постели. Поэтому жизненно важно максимально улучшить условия для сна - от позы во время сна, до обстановки в спальне. Лаборатория UnikLab® точно измерит давление Вашего тела на матрас. Измерение длится 10 минут. Подходящий Вам матрас изготавливается из качественных компонентов, согласно полученным чертежам, на нашей фабрике в Финляндии. Ваше тело - это удивительная многофункциональная система. Исследователи сна во всем мире установили значительную связь между качеством сна и здоровьем. Во время сна мозг продолжает работать почти с той же активностью, что и днем. Но он решает другие задачи - очищающего и заряжающего характера. Хороший сон усиливает и увеличивает дневной заряд бодрости - Вам удастся сделать больше! Мир вокруг нас очень неспокоен. Мы находимся в постоянной борьбе за наше благополучие. Многие люди, ошибочно, полагают, что  минимизируя время сна они смогут быть более энергичными и конкурентноспособными. Однако результат будет совершенно противоположным - отсутствие сил, рассеянность внимания, раздражительность.


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World champion Kimi Räikkönen, The Iceman, sleeps tight

no matter what!

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   Rumor tells that before his Australian debut in 2001, Kimi had fallen asleep on a massage table an hour before the start. When he was asked to get ready for work, all he wanted to do was to sleep for five more minutes.

   Nowadays Kimi is much more particular about the kind of a bed he wants for himself. "In my opinion, a good bed improves your sleep quality; it doesn't inflict any sleep-related pain. There is a big difference between a good and a bad bed", says Räikkönen.

   "A good bed is not like a couch where you can sink in. When you have slept in a good quality bed you simply know it's right. I've had a bed from Unikulma since my first season in 2001. After that I haven't even considered any other manufacturer when buying a bed."

   "It's completely different to sleep in a good bed - especially when I've had all sorts of back problems. You can really tell the difference between sleeping at home and in a hotel. At home my bed is a hundred times better!"


   Even though Räikkönen says he is still able to fall asleep easily when he is tired, this statement comes with a caveat.

   "I'm still able to fall asleep when traveling although not as easily as when I was younger. The thing is that I like these Unikulma beds. I have these beds both in Switzerland and in Finland. When I'm away for competitions, the beds are not that good."

   " I can assure you that I'm completely sold and there's no need to consider other options. One can say all sorts of things about beds but in the end only you can tell the difference between them. There is no need for further analyzes. It is easy to tell a difference between a bed which is good and a bed which is not that good."

   "I like an adjustable bed with a massage function and in my opinion it's wise to invest in a good bed. There are all kinds of beds on the market but the most important thing is that you wake up well rested and without back pain. A good bed does not cause pain. It pays itself back by contributing to your well-being.

   "I don't have any reason to resort to sales speeches. You know soon enough what kind of bed you own", Räikkönen says while yawning heavily. Even the thought of his own bed makes him immediately tired.