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Comfort and Design

Unikulma Beds has over forty international patents and registered designs and innovations. Your mattresses ultimate comfort is made with best European single-packed and very sensitive active springs. When you consider the life of a good quality bed, you will see that the cost per year, per month, per night is insignifant.

Beds and Mattresses

We have done thousands of UnikLab- measurements and we know that each body is different. Therefore the best beds are not made until we know who is going to sleep in it. Your choice of bed is based on knowledge and expert analyze. We want to give you the best sleep that you can possibly get. We also have opportunity to customise size, dimensions, bed type and materials as well.

Furniture collection

When your bed is perfectly adequate for your body it's time to focus on the other elements of your bedroom. High quality furniture are an inseparable part of your best dreams. It is easy and lovely to enter to a pleasant bedroom when you know you'll sleep well. Our stylish products are designed to last and improve your sleep.

Side products

Now it's even easier to update your bedrooms products. Go to "webkauppa" at the finnish site. How old is your pillow who about your duvet? Our webshop invites you to easily update your bedclothes. All you need is finnish bank account. Our high quality products can naturally be seen in each of our stores. Welcome.