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25 Years of Dreams

Vesa Tuominen founded Unikulma in 1985. The first Unikulma bed was a waterbed's framework made in Mr. Tuominen's own garage. Business activity began with imported waterbeds from the United States. The first store was opened in 1988 in Vantaa, Finland. Unikulma started importing Swedish and Norwegian spring mattresses in the early 1990s. At the same time Unikulma purchased an ErgoCheck computer tester, which measures the pressure that the human body creates onto the mattress. This measurement enabled the development and fabrication of individually customized bed. Unikulmas first factory was founded in 1995 in Kirkkonummi, Finland and started the fabrication of Bodyform-mattresses. Since that Unikulma has continued its strong growing.

Nowadays Unikulma's factory is situated in Vantaa, in Petikko and growth in business activity is strong and steady. Unikulma's business chain has 15 stores in Finland and overseas stores in Tallinn, Riga and in Dubai. Chain employs over hundred people and at the moment Unikulma is the leading specialist and researcher in its field in Finland. Unikulma has also established a strong marketing position as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality hotel beds.

"During the last decades the Scandinavian way of living has changed strongly  - from outdoors to indoors.

We work hard and we know how. The living is easier than ever and we have more time to ourselves."

Mr. Vesa Tuominen
President, CEO
Unikulma Oy