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Why Sleep Comes First?

You sleep one third of Your life. Therefore it is absolutely critical to arrange sleep conditions as good as they can be – from sleeping posture on mattress to the set up of your bedroom. UnikLab® tester measures carefully the pressure that your body creates on the mattress. The measuring takes 10 minutes. The tester makes contours and pressure charts. The mattress is customised of high quality components on the grounds of the pressure charts in our factory, in Finland.

Your body is an amazing multiple system. Top scientists share the opinion that sleep is one of the most important factor concerning the level of your activity. For example sleep loads your brain and cleans your nervous system. Good Sleep makes more creative, positive and you will gain more success – wherever you are and whatever you do.

World is hectic. We are pushed to the limits of our well-being. Many people think that minimizing the time used for sleeping makes us more competitive and energetic. As time passes, the result is always the opposite –  non-wanted, unpowerful feeling.